To 8 Waterless Dog Shampoo 2020 Reviews

Are you a big dog lover? What’s the most challenging task of raising a dog by yourself? Research shows that cleaning up the dog is the most irritating job for dog owners. The main reason is that not many dogs are fond of water as water will make them feel extremely cold and uncomfortable. Some dogs just hate water so much, making it challenging for their owner to bathe them. But, do not worry, there is a way out of this. It is time to change from using the mainstream dog shampoo to waterless dog shampoo.

Using dry dog shampoo, you will find yourself saving much time cleaning up your dog. Your dogs will not find it as annoying as the water bathing. And, not only that you will get to clean your dog efficiently, your dog will come off with a refreshing scent and a more hygienic body. Up to this, you might find yourself in love with waterless dog shampoo. Thus, we are here to bring you to the 8 best waterless dog shampoos.

What you will read is all-natural dog shampoo for sensitive skin, and they are exceptionally efficient for dogs with skin allergies. Besides, we also have a separate article on “best smelling dog shampoo for sensitive skin”, if you would love to check out.

Buying Guides Of Waterless Dog Shampoo

Shampoo Scents: Not only human shampoos have a scent, but dog shampoo too. There are a variety of scents for you to choose from, such as cherry, almond, lavender, etc. You may select according to your liking, but for some smell, your dogs might not be a fan of it. You should not forget that dogs have an incredible sense of smell.

Shiny Coat: Among our recommended shampoos, some of them have the additional capacity to provide your dog with a shiny coat. If you love to keep your dog’s hair and fur as polished as possible, you might want to look for his quality.

8. Nature’s Specialties Waterless Dog Shampoo for Pets

Nature's Specialties Waterless Dog Shampoo for Pets

The first recommendation is the good shampoo for dogs with skin allergies from Nature’s Specialties store. This shampoo has a tearless foaming wash that will efficiently clean up food stains and dirt on your dog’s body. It will also leave a cherry fragrance on your dog from head to tail. This shampoo is ideal for travelers who love to bring dogs with them. This product from Nature’s Specialties Store has received recognition from the Grooming industry. Thus, what’s there for you to worry about its quality.


  • Efficient Cleaning on Food Stain and Dirt
  • Cherry-Like Fragrance
  • Trusted Quality in the Grooming Industry

7. PUPMATE Paw Cleaner, No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo Dogs

PUPMATE Paw Cleaner, No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo Dogs

Next, a portable paw cleaner from Pupmate. This dog paw cleaner comes with a silicone brush to assist you in cleaning your dog’s muddy and dirty paw. The paw brush itself is also detachable, and you can wash it anytime it gets dirty. Meanwhile, all the ingredients in this paw cleaner are gentle and natural; there will be zero harm to your pet. This is an excellent choice if your pets truthfully hate touching water or getting wet. Not only that this will help to freshen your dog’s paws, but it will also reduce the risk of your dog getting inflammation. You dogs will stay hygienic and healthy with this cleaning technique from Pupmate.


  • Comes with a Silicone Brush
  • Gentle and Natural Ingredients
  • Reducing Risk of Inflammation

6. John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

It is the oatmeal shampoo for pets from John Paul. This shampoo incorporates the gentle botanical foam to keep your dogs clean and fresh without the need for a single drop of water. Meanwhile, the hydrolyzed oat protein and aloe vera will help to moisturize and soothe your dog’s skin. This shampoo will formulate thick and rich foam to mix with dirt and oil so that they will be washed off the fur when cleaning. Your dog will also receive sweet almond fragrance upon the magic of this John Paul shampoo. Besides, this product is ph-balanced so that there is no adverse chemical impact on your pets.


  • Gentle Botanical Foam
  • Moisturizing and Soothing Dog’s Skin
  • Sweet Almond Fragrance

5. Handy Hound Pomegranate Mango Foaming No Rinse Shampoo for Dogs

Handy Hound Pomegranate Mango Foaming No Rinse Shampoo for Dogs

The mango foaming shampoo from Handy Hound. This shampoo is an all-natural one with only the safest and biodegradable ingredients included. Handy Hound created this shampoo with much care for your dog. This shampoo is very safe and mild for sensitive skin. It contains zero toxins and is indeed cruelty-free. And, even if your dog has itchy or dry skin, it will be no obstacle for this shampoo. In the aftermath, there is also a wonderful fragrance on your do. With this shampoo, there is no need to rinse your dog’s skin, you only have to towel and air dry, then your dog is good to go.


  • Plant-Based Product
  • Safety for Sensitive Skin
  • Wonderful Fragrance

4. The Spruce Waterless Pet Wash, No Rinse Moisturizing Shampoo for Pets

The Spruce Waterless Pet Wash, No Rinse Moisturizing Shampoo for Pets

Next, it is the waterless pet wash shampoo from The Spruce. The Spruce created this shampoo by using only natural ingredients to ensure that your pets always stay clean, fresh, and healthy. It also has a special reminiscent scent of aromatherapeutic essence with the combination of Lavender and Clary. Your pets will indeed stay refreshing for days to come. Besides, he enzymes-activated formula of this shampoo can amazingly remove the hardest impurities such as urine, dirt, and feces without the need for rinsing. This shampoo from Spruce is nevertheless toxin-free and cruelty-free. It contains zero dyes, caustics, parabens, synthetic fragrances, chlorine, nor other chemical substance.


  • Natural Ingredients Only
  • Reminiscent Aroma
  • Efficiency in Removing Impurities

3. Lillian Ruff Waterless Dog Shampoo

Lillian Ruff Waterless Dog Shampoo

There is waterless dog shampoo from Lillian Ruff. This shampoo is simply a short-cut to keep your dog clean and hygiene in the easiest and fastest way possible. All you need to do is simply spraying the shampoo then combing your dog’s fur. And, since this shampoo is made from coconut oils and lavender, it is incredibly useful in repelling ticks and fleas off your dog’s kin. The lavender and coconuts scent will leave a wonderful smell on your dogs for days. Beyond this, the shampoo also contains aloe to help moisturize your dog’s coats and skin. It is very much safe to use this shampoo on any dogs, no matter how sensitive their skin is. As a bonus, if you are not satisfied with this shampoo, you can always claim back a 100% refund from Lillian Ruff within 30 days.


  • Moisturizing Dog’s Skin and Coat
  • Effectiveness in Repelling Ticks and Fleas
  • Wonderful Scent

2. Wahl Pet Friendly Waterless No Rinse Shampoo for Animals

Wahl Pet Friendly Waterless No Rinse Shampoo for Animals

It is the waterless shampoo for animals from Wahl Pet. This shampoo is perfectly PH balanced, paraben-free, alcohol-free, PEG-80 free. With these qualities, it will help to effectively freshen and clean your dog. Meanwhile, the chamomile and lavender scent of the shampoo will not only leave an incredible fragrance but also help to keep your pets calm during cleaning. This is thanks to its strong capacity in conditioning, cleansing, moisturizing, and detangling animals. Besides, coming under the Wahl brand with over 50 years of experience, there is less for you to worry about the quality of this shampoo.


  • Incredible Shampoo Formula
  • Wonderful Scent
  • Keeping Animals Calm during Cleaning
  • Trusted Quality

1. Begley’s Natural No Rinse Waterless Pet Shampoo

Begley’s Natural No Rinse Waterless Pet Shampoo

This is the natural pet shampoo from Begley. Begley developed this shampoo using solely natural ingredients based on a non-toxic formula. There are zero dyes, caustics, parabens, chlorine, synthetic fragrances, or others. Thus, neither you nor your beloved pets will experience any irritation. While to accommodate your different needs of fragrance, Begley offers you four different scents of these shampoos, including citrus, lavender, tee tree, and oatmeal mango. All these scents are derived from the natural essential oil, and there is zero involvement of synthetic fragrance. Besides, not only that this shampoo helps to clean and deodorize, but it will also equip your pets with a shiny coat. And, if your dog is a messy eater, this one should be it for you.


  • Non-Toxic Formula and Natural Ingredients
  • Zero Irritation for Your Pets
  • 4 Different Fragrance Available
  • Shinny Coats for Your Pets


Finally, you have come to the end of this article. We are wondering which one you like the best. By changing to the waterless shampoo, you will find yourself and your dogs absolutely in love with this cleaning solution. There will not be as many headaches and complications in cleaning up your pets as before. And, we cannot wait to see you spend a wonderful time with your hygienic and fragrant pets.
Have a great time shopping!

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