Top 10 Teeter Inversion Tables Reviews 2020

Teeter inversion table incorporates the earth’s gravitation pull and your body weight in its working. The teeter enhance the decompression of your spine and relieve pressure in your muscles and nerves. It is an ideal treatment for rejuvenated discs by avoiding pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of the inversion table:

  • Ensures the spine is healthy. The inversion tables provide that any pressure along your spine is released. The natural treatment ensures that there is the manipulation of the spine that enhances proper alignment.
  • You eradicate the thoughts of surgery. There is a high risk of attempting operation along the lumbar region. Any mistakes can lead to permanent paralysis.
  • Reduce stress. The downward position activates the parasympathetic system. It counteracts the functioning of the sympathetic system hence reducing stress.
  • Here are the top 10 teeter inversion table you should consider:



The color black is the primary appearance of the inversion table. The manufacturer incorporates high-quality material of steel, sponge, and PU leather. The materials ensure that the product is durable and comfortable to the user. Additionally, the load-bearing of this amazing product is 150kg and can support an approximate weight of 13,350kg. It is also important to note that its parts can be detached and folded. Lastly, there is the incorporation of dense duty foam that offers comfort to the user.


  • Diversification of uses. There is no limit to what you can achieve with the AYENFV. The exercises you can perform with it are several. It is possible to adjust the position of your body, depending on your preference.
  • Variety of therapeutic uses. The teeter inversion table can relieve various pathologic conditions along the back and lumbar region. It can enhance blood circulation, relieve any muscle tension, ease any back pains, among others.
  • It’s flexible. The inversion table is foldable, which means it is easy to store and carry around.
  • Safety. The materials that make up the table are comfortable to the back. The material ensures that there is comfortability to your body.
  • Can bear heavyweights. It can sustain heavyweights. It has a maximum load-bearing of around 150kg/30LBS.

9. Knocbel inversion table

Knocbel inversion table

The inversion table is blue. The manufacturers of the teeter inversion table use steel and memory foam to ensure the quality and durability of the teeter is unquestionable. The stands of the product have heavy steel that ensures the stability of the table is excellent. Also, the average measurements of the product are approximately 53.15- 78.84 inches, and the average shipping weight is 48.4 pounds. On the other hand, it has an adjustable safety belt, a headrest, and a back stretcher.


  • Durability. There is the incorporation of quality materials in its manufacture. The steel is not prone to fast depreciation, unlike other materials.
  • Comfortable. It is suitable for everybody’s size and any body position. The adjustable belt ensures you can position your body to your preferred position.
  • Many therapeutic uses. Its uses to amend pathologic conditions is impressive. You can rectify muscle tensions, back pains, neck pains, headache, detached discs, and problems with your lymphatic system.

8. Body Xtreme inversion table

Body Xtreme inversion table

It is a 3rd generation teeter inversion table. The inversion table has two design colors, either blue or black, depending on your preference. Also, it comes with a fantastic cooling tower to make you achieve maximum comfort. And it can support a maximum weight of 280 pounds. The floor of the body extreme inversion table has a rubber material that prevents sliding and maximizes stability. The handles are sponge-like to ensure comfort to your hands and feet.


  • You can obtain a car seat product. The use is not limited to your house or work out area. It is possible to buy a car seat model that incorporates into your car.
  • Maximum comfort. The material ensures your back has maximum comfort. Also, it can provide massage sessions and heat functions.
  • It is foldable. Its ability to fold ensures it is easy in storage and transportation.
  • It has a high weight-bearing. It can support an average weight of 280 pounds.

7. Macticy inversion table

Macticy inversion table

The primary color of the teeter inversion table is blue. Also, the materials that make up the inversion table are; PU leather, steel, and memory foam. On the other hand, it has a different fixed position you can select from. There is a possibility of adjustments to ensure everyone fits perfectly. Also, it is a heavy-duty inversion table that provides it can support many pounds. The handles come with soft material from high-quality foam material to ensure there is minimal friction.


  • It is foldable. It is possible to assemble and disassemble its parts. It makes it ideal for secure storage and takes up minimal space.
  • Diversification of uses. It is a multipurpose product. When you buy it, you will be able to achieve several purposes for it.
  • Safe. It has safety strap and shoulder protection to minimize the risk of accidents. The pad of the table is safe and comfortable to your back to prevent any injuries to your spine.
  • You can make adjustments depending on your height.

6. Bigzzia inversion table

Bigzzia inversion table

It comes with a three adjustable angle position. It incorporates memory foam its design to ensure there is maximum comfort to your back. Also. It has steel in its materials to maximize its lifespan. What makes this product outstanding is its adjustable headrest. The backrest handles, and cushions have a high-quality foam material that maximizes comfort. The high-quality steel and other materials ensure the durability of the product is unquestionable.


  • Adjustable. It is possible to adjust your headrest to achieve maximum comfort. The adjustments ensure the teeter inversion table can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 pounds.
  • Maximum effects. Works impressively on your spine and rejuvenated discs. It is possible to rotate and adjust your position to achieve maximum relieving impact on the affected part.
  • Foldable. You can disassemble the parts for secure storage.
  • Safe and comfortable. It has soft material that is smooth and will not harm your back. Ensures you lie relaxed on the table to prevent strains.

5. Zenova teeter inversion table

Zenova teeter inversion table

There is the incorporation of durable steel in its manufacturing process. The table can sustain the weight of up to 250 pounds. The handles of the inversion table have high-quality steel that can support heavy weights. Also, the floor of the table comes with rubber that ensures that the product is stable during exercises. Lastly, the parts are detachable, and it is simple to assemble the elements quickly.


  • Foldable and adjustable. The adjustability of the inversion table ensures that it can accommodate different body sizes and heights. Also, it is possible to fold the product, thus minimizing its storage space.
  • Has a pin system of 6 angles. It ensures that you, as the user of the table achieves maximum effect.
  • An ankle holding part. It ensures that as you maneuver in the inversion table, there is maximum support to the inversion table.

4. Maxkare inversion equipment

Maxkare inversion equipment

The product can weigh up to 53 LBS. Its measurements average 49 inches in length, 29 inches width, and 5 inches height. The make of the product ensures it can support a weight of 330 LBS. It incorporates high-quality steel in its parts. The headrest comes with high-quality foam that is very comfortable. Also, it contains safety belts to support you firmly in the inversion table.


  • Adjustable. For support of different weights and sizes.
  • Durable. It has quality materials that enhance its durability.
  • Achieve different therapeutic needs. It can adequately release pressure on your muscles and spines.
  • Foldable. It is possible to assemble its part for more accessible storage.

3. Norcia inversion table

Norcia inversion table

It has a heavy-duty material its back stretcher. There is also the incorporation of lumbar cushion in the product. Its backrest is large and comes with high-quality material. Also, the manufacturer incorporates lumbar pillows in its chair to ensure that the teeter inversion table stands out in the market. The handlebars have quality soft materials.


  • Simplicity in its use. You just need to do simple body movements to manoeuver the workings of the product. There is no prior experience required. It is possible to achieve relief on muscle spasms, treat rejuvenated discs, and relax your nerves.
  • It’s safe. The heavy-duty material ensures that your back does not suffer any injuries. There is an extra strap protection system.
  • Foldable and adjustable.
  • There is complete satisfaction. The exercise is enjoyable, and you will achieve your ideal results with this product.

2. Fitspine X-series

Fitspine X-series

It is a new model made in The product weighs 60.5 pounds and has an average measurement of 58 by 28.6 by 60.5 inches. Also, the product is FDA registered. It is a heavy-duty product able to sustain heavy weights. The manufacturers of the product ensure there is maximum safety to all users.


  • Approved for medical use. It is a recommended product by most health practitioners as a therapy for back pains. It is a safe product for your use.
  • Adjustable and foldable. It can accommodate different weights and sizes. Its portability and storage are easy.
  • The teeter inversion table is comfortable. The heavy-duty material is soothing to your back. It ensures maximum stabilization of your back and body.

1. Teeter X2-Series

Teeter X2-Series

It is an FDA registered product. It also comes with an extension of an ankle lock. It is a modern teeter inversion table that incorporates all digital features in its making. The materials that make up the inversion table are high-quality steel and foam. The materials ensure that the quality, durability, and comfort are unquestionable. Lastly, the headrest and chair are large enough to the only adequate rotation.


  • It contains premium features The extension of ankle lock ensures there is securing of your ankle during movements. Also, it contains acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge that act to ensure there maximum effect on your lower back.
  • Comfort. There is maximum body movement due to the flotation system. You can achieve maximum changes by using the handhold provided.
  • FDA registered. It is approved for medical use. Thus you should opt for the product for any pathological issues with your back.
  • Durable. It contains heavy-duty materials and durable steel. It means you will not need to invest in the product soon.

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