Top 10 Soccer Rebound Nets 2020 Reviews

One of the best ways to pass your time and get some exercise is with a soccer rebound net. For all those soccer lovers who want to get some practice at home, these nets can provide you with great training possibilities. The rebound net will help you practice your passing accuracy and also shooting. Even if you don’t have a partner to train with, you’ll be able to get a good practice in. Some soccer rebounds nets on this list are one-sided, while others are two-sided. Having a two-sided net can help you train two people at the same time. Some are also very appropriate for training your goalkeeping skills.

Other factors that matter with rebound nets are:

  • Portability build quality the width and height durability versatility
  • We’ve reviewed the best soccer rebound nets that we think are currently the best.
  • Here are the best rebound nets for 2020 to choose from.

10. QuickPlay Pro

QuickPlay Pro

Starting off at number 10, we have the QuickPlay Pro soccer rebound net. It’s a great, versatile net that will let you practice a variety of different soccer skills. From low passes to high passes and volleys, you’ll be able to pick your preferred style of play. It has an adjustable angle that’ll let you pass or shoot the ball at various angles. Additionally, it’s durable and made from high-quality materials, so it will last you for quite some time.


  • Multi-angle, adjustable panelDurableHigh-quality materials versatile usage options.

9. RapidFire Mega Soccer Rebounder Small

RapidFire Mega Soccer Rebounder Small


Coming in at number nine we have the RapidFire mega soccer rebound net. First of all, you’ll be able to choose between two different sizes: large and small. Possibly the best thing about this net is its portability. You’ll be able to fold it and take it almost anywhere with you. Additionally, you’ll be able to adjust the angles of the net so that you’ll be able to practice various skills and passes. The durable materials make sure it will last you long.


  • Adjustable anglesFully foldable netHigh-quality build durability.

8. Bkisy Portable Soccer Rebounder

Bkisy Portable Soccer Rebounder

The Bkisy portable soccer rebounder is one of the more portable options on this list. Due to its build, you’ll be able to take it almost anywhere you go. It has a 2-in-1 design: the lower part is for practicing low, short passes, while the upper part is for high passes and volleys. In addition to it being portable, it’s made from quality materials so it won’t break down easily. You can simply take it apart, store it, and take it with you. Training has never been easier.


  • 2-in-1 design highly portable option Easy to setup

7. RapidFire Mega X Soccer Rebounder

RapidFire Mega X Soccer Rebounder

This product is the cousin of the small rebounder net from #9 on this list. It’s the bigger version, meaning that you’ll get more surface to work with. While you do compromise on portability a bit, it’s a great choice for practicing passes from long-range as well as short-range. It has two different angles that will let you do that; the lower part is for short passes, while the upper part is for volleys and long-distance passes.


  • Big surface areaFoldableHigh-quality buildDurability

6. Forza Soccer Rebound Wall

Big surface areaFoldableHigh-quality buildDurabilityForza Soccer Rebound Wall

What we like about this product is its surface area, and the possibilities it offers. First of all, there are two sizes to choose from 12 x 6ft. and the 16 x 7ft. versions. Both are big enough to let you practice a variety of different skill sets. It’s a freestanding net loaded by springs, which makes rebounds more realistic and real-life-like. Mind you, this is a heavy-duty option with a steel frame that won’t get destroyed that easily. You do compromise on portability, though.


  • Big surface are a Realistic reboundsVersatileHeavy-duty steel frame

5. DRNM DRM One-Sided Soccer Rebound Net

DRNM DRM One-Sided Soccer Rebound Net

This is a durable and sturdy rebound net that’s perfect for practicing solo. You can adjust the angle so that you can create different scenarios; for example, you can practice low, short-range passes, or long-range passes or even volley. There is even the possibility to train goalkeepers with it. It’s a professional training tool that individuals will find incredibly useful.


  • Smaller, sturdy frame good for solo practice versatile

4. Goplus Soccer Rebounder

Goplus Soccer Rebounder

Next up is the Goplus soccer rebounder net. It’s a great, versatile option that is appropriate for a single trainer or for multiple trainers at the same time. The sturdy steel frame makes sure the net won’t move too much, even when multiple people use it. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can take it with you anywhere you go. Plus, it’s great for a variety of different sports, including baseball and softball.


  • Great versatility tow-sided frame with a net on a higher level study frame makes sure it doesn’t move

3. Rapidfire Soccer Rebounder

Rapidfire Soccer Rebounder

This soccer rebounder is a slightly smaller one, but a very quality rebounder. It’s the perfect product for people who are constantly on the move and want to get some soccer practice on the go. The steel structure makes it sturdy and immovable when used so that you’ll be able to enjoy the practice without moving the frame. You can choose from single or double-sided frames.


  • Sturdy steel frame single or double-sided frame compact and highly portable.

2. Franklin Sports Rebounder

Franklin Sports Rebounder

The Franklin sports rebounder net is one of our favorites from this list. It comes close to topping it, but not quite. Nonetheless, we like its versatility and sturdiness. There are two nets on the lower side of the frame, and one on top. This allows you to practice a big variety of drills. You can easily adjust it and use it from several angles. Additionally, it’s great for other sports such as baseball.


  • VersatileSteel structure adjustable angles

1. Rukett Rebound Net

Rukett Rebound Net

The Rukket rebound net tops the list for many different reasons. First of all, it offers a great surface area to practice with. It challenges you to hit the center of the net, which can increase your precision with passes and shots. The rebounds are realistic, and the angles you make the passes are also adjustable. You also get a 100% warranty for a lifetime. It’s a great choice for everyone who wants to get a good practice in.


  • Good surface area great for a variety of drill adjustable anglers lifetime warranty.

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