Top 10 Skytech Fireplace Remote 2020 Reviews

There is no wonder in saying that fireplace provides amazing warmness. It makes your cold nights extremely comfortable and helps you sleep better. The good thing is that fireplaces can also be operated with remote control. So if you want to buy one, then here is a list of top 10 Skytech fireplace remotes that you could buy.

Benefits Of Skytech Fireplace Remote:

  • Fireplace remote gives you full control and you can manage the temperature according to your needs. They come with an excellent-range, so you access it even for longer distance
  • The main benefit of a fireplace controller is that they are very easy to use. You don’t have to learn any technical skills to install or operate them
  • Fireplace remotes come with amazing features, you can even manage the height of the flames. If you have kids in your home, then you can also lock out the controller, so they can’t use it

10. SkyTech 1315G Multi-Purpose Remote Control

SkyTech 1315G Multi-Purpose Remote Control

This fireplace controller will give you full control over the temperature. Just a single click and it will give you the desired warmness you need. It features a 2 button control, which is very easy to use. This transmitter is battery operated and it features a 110V AC receiver along with a three-prong inlet and outlet.


  • Battery Operated For Ease And Convenience
  • Easy To Operate And Install
  • 1800 Watts, 65,536 security codes

9. Hearth Products Controls Maxitrol Flame Modulating

Hearth Products Controls Maxitrol Flame Modulating

If you are finding a remote control along with the full system, then you should go with this controller. Now you won’t have to spend your energy in trying to control the temperature as it makes everything easier. The best thing is that you will also get a good quality maximal gas valve. This remote control is rated for 175 for up to (85000-BTU). It requires a simple installation and allows us to control the height of the flames very easily.


  • Complete 90(plot assembly)
  • Rated For 175
  • Comes With Heat Protection
  • Perfect For Propane And Natural Gas

8. Heat N Glo RC300 Fireplace Remote

Heat N Glo RC300 Fireplace Remote

This is a multifunctional controller and if you have a Heat N Glo, Quadra-Fire Gas or Heatlilato fire gas unit, then this is the remote you need. The best thing about this remote is that it comes with original HHT parts and no generics are used. It features thermostat functions, which allow auto-control. This means it will control the temperature automatically and you won’t have to do anything.


  • Thermostat Functions For Auto-Control
  • Rated For (120 VAC)
  • Multi-functional

7. SkyTech Fireplace Remote Control

SkyTech Fireplace Remote Control

This fireplace remote is one of the most durable remotes trending in the market. The best thing about this remote is that it comes with long-lasting batteries and you can control everything just with a single click. It features thermostat control and wireless timer and the good thing is that it has a very user-friendly design.


  • Equipped With Adjustable Thermostat
  • You Can Set Timer
  • Backed By Powerful Batteries
  • User-Friendly Interface

6. Heatilator RC200-HTL Fireplace Remote

Heatilator RC200-HTL Fireplace Remote

For all the people who want a remote control that has more features, then this RC200 is the perfect pick. It comes with a complete kit and it is specially designed to control flame height, pilot feature, blower speed, and to on/off the fireplace. It works flawlessly with the Intellifire Plus and along with this, it also comes with a wall bracket and power control module.


  • Full Remote Control Kit
  • It Is Multifunctional
  • Provides Full Control

5. Skytech Millivolt Wireless On/Off Touchscreen Remote

Skytech Millivolt Wireless On/Off Touchscreen Remote

This is a battery oriented remote control and the best thing is that it features an LCD touchscreen, which shows different things such as the room temperature, on/off controls, battery level, and the flame icon. It offers a wide range of codes, so you can easily choose the best option as per your requirements. One great thing is that you can control it from a long distance (20ft). It also has a childproof feature that enables the user to lock out the remote. With this, you will get all the important tools such as wall plates, batteries, wires, etc.


  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Child Safety Feature
  • Battery Operated
  • Multi-Purpose Receiver

4. RCK Sales HPC Skytech Fireplace Gas Log Natural Gas

RCK Sales HPC Skytech Fireplace Gas Log Natural Gas

If you want a complete kit for your home, then you should consider buying this one. This remote kit comes with an excellent gas valve and you also get a pilot assembly. To make the burner connection easier, the swivel connector is given and the best thing is that it has a stainless steel flex line. This remote control is easily accessible and it comes with wires, all batteries, shields, receivers, and many other tools.


  • Compatible With Many Brands
  • Insulated Heat Shield
  • Adjustable Flame Height
  • Easy To Access

3. SkyTech Fireplace Remote Control

SkyTech Fireplace Remote Control

This remote control comes with a timer that enables you to set a specific time limit. The timer ranges from 15 min to 45 min intervals. It is a multi-purpose receiver that comes with a learning feature. An LCD display is given to see all the details like battery level, temperature, and other important things. It also comes with child safety features, which makes it safer for kids.


  • LCD Display
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Timer Mode
  • Battery Operated

2. Skytech 9800335 MRCK Fireplace Remote

Skytech 9800335 MRCK Fireplace Remote

If your main priority is the functionality and the design, then this is the perfect option you should go with. It is a battery-operated remote and it provides 65,536 security codes. You can easily manage the flame and adjust it according to your needs. It features a learning function, which makes it a smarter option. The best thing is that you can either install it beneath the fireplace or on the hearth.


  • 65,536 Security Codes
  • Smart Learning Function
  • Flame Adjustment
  • Good Build Quality

1. RealFyre Remote Control (Basic)

RealFyre Remote Control (Basic)

This is one of the premium remote control and it is made of high-quality materials. It has a very simple interface that anyone can use without having technical knowledge. The simple on/off switch is given to control the temperature of the fireplace. In short, it is a perfect pick for people who want to keep things simple and easy.


  • Highly durable construction
  • Very simple to operate
  • Easy Installation

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