Top 10 Lily Pad Float 2020 Reviews

A lily pad float is a device that was invented for the purpose of fun and recreation by family and friends. A floating playground that kids and adults can play in while being out in open water or maybe strapped to the dock. These pads are made of marine-grade polyethylene foam material specifically designed for marine applications. They generally come in sizes of 6ft x 18ft lightweight pads. It is extremely buoyant and can hold afloat a maximum of 900 lbs. of distributed weight.

Depending on the size of the mat the most it can hold is 11 adults. It is ideally used in lakes, rivers, and even smaller versions that can be used in swimming pools. It has a built-in tether cord that fastens to boats and docks. It is so ingeniously made that children and adults can stand, walk, and even play on it. It doesn’t even require maintenance, all you have to do is unroll it and roll it back up for storage. The rest is just pure fun.

10. Float Daddy Foam Swim Mat 3-Ply

Float Daddy Foam Swim Mat 3-Ply

This durable 3-layered, heat-laminated high-density foam is reinforced with poly layers that make it more strong and stable. It has a sun protection material that resists color fading. It can be held fast to a dock or a boat via its stainless steel D-Rings which are mounted on both sides of the foam. It can also float perfectly, carry several adults, and still remains stable. The Velcro strap itself can stand for a better design though, otherwise, this floating mat serves great for the whole family and friends.

9. Aqua Lily Tadpole Personal (Single size)

Aqua Lily Tadpole Personal (Single size)

This personal-sized lily pad float comes in a smaller size at 85inches x 24inches x 1 3/8 inches. It weighs in at 4lbs. and holds up to a 250 lbs person. It has the same buoyancy and durability as Aqua Lily Pad is known for. It is versatile enough that it can be used in swimming pools, rivers, lakes and even in saltwater. It is UV stable as it resists fading and deterioration caused by the sun. This ALP comes with two 40-inch Velcro straps for storing and includes a carrying bag too. Very convenient.

8. Aqua Lily Tadpole Double (Personal)

Aqua Lily Tadpole Double (Personal)

Aqua Lily Tadpole Double comes in size 108” x 36” x 1 3/8” as well as 85″ x 36″ x 1 3/8″ with pillows. It weighs in at 8lbs. and can hold a total of 550 lbs. which is the combined weight of two regular adults. It is UV stable and is also versatile. It can be used in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and even saltwater. This mat is equipped with 4 tethering holes from both ends and is very portable. It is easy to roll up for transport. As with the size, you can actually lay on it with a partner fully stretched out. Great for pool lounging.

7. Pexmor Water Mat

Pexmor Water Mat

This three-layer, tear-proof XPE foam is environment-friendly, odorless, safe, bouncy, and has a smooth surface. This mat is so stable that it does not absorb water and is not easily deformed. At 18x 6 ft the Prexmor can float both adults and kids, with a maximum capacity of 12 adults. It sports a green, black, and yellow color for high visibility and safety purposes. This mat is lightweight, easy to use, and has a bungee tether that can pull up to 600 kgs. It also has two straps as fasteners when the mat is rolled up for transport or storage. This mat works great for waters games, family fun, sports, parties and more. It can be used in water parks, lakes, rivers, swimming pools, and even on the sea. It comes with a 1-year warranty too.

6. Floating Pad Aqua Water Foam Mat ( For Lake)

Floating Pad Aqua Water Foam Mat ( For Lake)

Made out of XPE foam, the Floating Pad Aqua is a material also used for insulating high tension cable wires. This makes this mat especially tough. It comes in three layers of green, white, and orange. Measuring at 12 x 6ft with a thickness of 1.38”, it can hold a maximum distributed weight of 1,300 lbs or a total of 8 adults. This mat is specifically designed for lake use. However, who says you can’t use it in a swimming pool? It has two holes on either side of it for tethering and towing. And it also comes with three buckle straps to securely fasten it when it is rolled up. for storage.

5. SOWKT Floating Water Pad

SOWKT Floating Water Pad

This mat can be used in the pool, in the river, the lake, and even in the ocean. Its three-layered XPE foam that is 1.3 inches thick, has a heat-sealed inner net that prevents rips and improves durability. It measures 9 x 6ft in size and also comes in bright colors for greater visibility and safety. This mat is so stable that you can get at least 6 kids to stand on it at the same time and it still holds. It is also exceptionally large so much that kids can have more fun with it. One minor downside is that the color may fade sooner than expected.

4. VOS Pool Float Swimming Pool Lounger

VOS Pool Float Swimming Pool Lounger

This floating mat simultaneously sports a functional and stylish design of extreme wavy contours at the front, while at the back of it is a smooth finish. It then provides a good grip in front and easy flotation from the back. Measuring 72” x 26” x 1.5”, it also features a headrest for comfort. As the name suggests, this mat was mainly designed for that comfy pool lounging and sunbathing. It can also be used by adults and children with the age above 3 years (with some adult supervision of course.) Made up of closed-cell foam, this mat is incredibly durable and buoyant. It is also available in bright colors of blue and green.

3. SOWKT Floating Island for Lakes and Pools

SOWKT Floating Island for Lakes and Pools

This gigantic Lily Pad definitely has a lot of room for fun and enjoyment. Measuring at 18x 6 ft and 1.3 inches thick, it comes with a heavy-duty Carabiner and a Bungee tether leash to keep it steady. Along with all that are 2 long fastener straps for storage and transport. Just like its smaller cousin it also features quality XPE foam that is durable and has an inner net with heat sealing for extra durability. This mat is always, an awesome choice for any body of water, fresh and otherwise.

2. HOMCOM Floating Water Pad

HOMCOM Floating Water Pad

The one unique feature of this huge floating mat is its inner layer with the built-in mesh wire that it resists tears and stays intact. With its Durable XPE foam, it can last for years if properly used and stored. It is equipped with two storage straps and tethers that will keep your mat steady while you enjoy it with family and friends. Generally good for recreation, some relaxation, and water games, this floating mat is perfect for any type of body of water. This goes for lakes, the beach, or even in the river. At 16.5ft. x 5 ft. it is surprisingly easy to roll up and store. Enjoy its bright pink and blue color for easy identification when in use. With the price of almost a hundred dollars less, it is definitely value for money.

1. Driftsun Whip Pad Inflatable Platform

Driftsun Whip Pad Inflatable Platform

Obviously, the best feature of this floating mat is its inflatability. It makes it very rigid and stable. It also makes it suitable for many applications never thought of before such as yoga, snorkeling, lake lounging, boat work platform, docking board for kayaks, and even paddleboards. Who knows what kind of use it will be discovered for in the future? Measuring 15 ft.x 6.5 ft. wide and at least 4 inches thick when fully inflated, it is capable of carrying a total of 1000 pounds. The Driftsun adopted a drop-stitch similar to white water rafts stitching which makes this platform rigid enough but remains soft for comfort. Other features include 4 stainless steel D-ring anchor points, a pressure valve for quick inflation, and absolutely no leaks. Overall, this platform outperforms the usual floating pads in terms of features and versatility.

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