Top 8 Best Trailer Hitch Locks 2019 Reviews

Hitch locks are designed to stop intruders or thieves from stealing your trailer. The hitch lock functions by holding your trailer hitch and the receiver together. An individual will need to have a key to unlock the hitch and lift the receiver. In this post, we are going to take a look at the best trailer hitch locks you can find in the market. Finding the right hitch lock is essential as it gives you peace of mind when you leave your trailer unattended.

8. Trailer Hitch Lock 1/2″ and 5/8″ Hitch Pin Receiver Lock

Trailer Hitch Lock 1/2

Both heavy duty and durable. The hitch lock is built with a hardened steel structure making it extremely difficult to bend. You can use this hitch lock to lock up your multi ball receiver or your shackle hitch


  • All weather protection to withstand harsh conditions. The hitch lock also comes with a weatherproof rubber keylock that protects the key hole water damage. It has a chrome The chrome plating improves this hitch
    lock’s resistance to corrosion and wear.
  • Brass core locking mechanism: its single key lock design makes it simple for you to unlock and unlock
  • The hitch lock is multipurpose and can be used to prevents the theft of boats, cargo hitch racks trailers and bike rack.

7. Connor Trailer Hitch Lock

Connor Trailer Hitch Lock - 5/8

Built from heavy duty solid steel to provide superior strength. You can use his hitch lock on many setups as it designed to be compatible with standard hitch setups. Ease of mind while using since it can tow heavy trailers without problems. When using this hitch lock, it is advisable that you push the lock until you hear a click. The click indicates that the hitch lock has fully locked.


  • Saves Time; No fumbling while searching for the key to open your hitch lock. The lock has been designed to allow you to remove the key immediately after use
  • Push-to-lock technology: by pushing while locking, you ensure that the hitch lock fits every time.

6. Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set (Black Rubber)

Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set (Black Rubber)

Comes with heavy-duty lock and a pin. You will get 2 locks that are keyed the same. This hitch lock fits virtually anything as it comes with two pins; 1/2″ and 5/8″.


  • Heavy duty: this hitch lock is built to withstand a lot of force making it superior and durable.

5. Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit

Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow 'N Store Lock Kit

Designed to offer excellent towing while also being compatible with numerous hitches. You can lock this hitch lock; this adds a layer of security. The bight yellow color deters thieves and intruders with the intentions of prying or picking the lock making it one of the best trailer hitch locks you can buy.


  • Comes with a swiveling clip.
  • It is also easy to install and use.
  • Compatible with multiple hitch setups.

4. Master Lock 2848DAT Key Alike Set with Receiver and Coupler Latch Locks

Master Lock 2848DAT Key Alike Set with Receiver and Coupler Latch Locks

The hitch lock has a durable design. Best used for vehicles, trailers and RV hitch locks. Comes with two keys; both keys opening both locks. Removing the key can only be done after pushing the lock; the push to lock mechanism allows for and hustle-free easy usage. When bought it comes with one receiver lock, one coupler latch made of stainless steel and two keys, each opening both locks.


  • Ease of use as the receiver features a convenient push-to-lock locking mechanism.
  • Durable design thanks to weather tough steel and water tight cap for moisture protection.

3. REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage Security, Heavy-Duty Steel

The hitch lock has been built to last thanks to the heavy-duty steel lock bar. It is easy to lock while also deters theft. The dimensions of this hitch lock is 9” x 9” x 3”. The bright yellow color incorporated into its design deters thieves, highly visible and is essential in all trailers. This hitch lock is one of the best trailer hitch locks as it guards against tow-away theft when your trailer is in storage.


  • Universal fit; its ratchet design allows for 11 locking positions.
  • Built to last thanks to the aluminum body plus the heavy-duty lock bar.
  • Easy to install lock.
  • Resists prying, picking and drill outs.

2. Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8″, 2″

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8

The hitch lock uses a universal coupler lock that virtually fits all trailer couplers. It also comes with an advanced locking mechanism. The hitch lock has incorporated an advanced locking mechanism that resists picking and prying.


  • Resists rust and corrosion plus it is easy to install and remove.
  • The bright red finish discourages intruders from messing with your trailer.

1. Connor 1615320 Black 1/2″ and 5/8″ Nickel Swivel Head Receiver Lock for Class I-V

Connor 1615320 Black 1/2

Heavy duty with dependable strength since its built using heavy duty steel. The key can be removed after locking meaning zero fumbling. Can be used on multiple hitch setups while it is also easy to install and remove. It is also built to take a beating from extreme weather without being damaged.


  • Hassle-free operation since it is a push to lock hitch lock.
  • Dependable strength as it is engineered to increase durability.

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